Want to see a positive change in your child?

Tired of your kids answering you back?

We all know the fear of raising kids in today's society. With concerns like bullying, gangs, drugs and alcohol the odds are working against them.  Give your kids the opportunity to overcome their challenges and excel, through Karate training. 

EMPOWER you kids, and give them a gift for life!!!  Start now and watch us create an impressive change in your child's behaviour. 
Shito-Ryu Karate will teach and develop respect, focus, confidence, concentration and the power of a positive mental attitude.  

Not to mention keeping FIT at the same time and learning how to defend yourself.  Best of all, our professional instructors make it fun and safe!!!

Our specialised kids program teaches children valuable self-protection skills and builds confidence like no other activity. Plus, every class we teach provides a safe, fun, high energy workout that motivates children to reach new levels of mental and physical performance.


*** All instructors have CURRENT government working 
with children checks***


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