Welcome, and congratulations on taking the first small step in improving your general well-being and overall fitness (physical / mental / spiritual).  Central Victorian Shito-Ryu has been operational in the Castlemaine areas for over 29 years now, and is one of Central Victoria's leading dojo's - with BLACK BELTexcellence.  

Train with qualified instructors!!!

Learn TRADITIONAL & MODERN Self-Defence Techniques.

Drop in and speak to one of our friendly instructor's at the Castlemaine, or Kyneton Dojos.  Feel free to phone or e-mail any one of our instructors - we will have you on the path to BLACK BELT success today.

We are recognized as one of Victorianís leading Karate schools based in 
Castlemaine & Kyneton Victoria, renowned for our highly successful program in technical, physical and mental development in people.  Children and adults of all ages enjoy our program.  We have designed our Karate lessons to inspire and develop not only the body and mind but also oneís character, Shito Ryu offers a perfect combination of high quality knowledge and experience, coupled with friendly teachers, to fulfill the requirements of its valued members.

At Shito-Ryu you will embark on an educational course, become knowledgeable, confident, respectful and respected.

Believe me, it will be one of the best decisions you can make for your child, your family or yourself.




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